Laurie Bray

Laurie Bray relishes living in Utah where she and her camera lens are
captivated by the diverse beauty of the majestic mountains, national parks
and captivating sky shows. She has spent much of her career creating
environmental portraits and studio work. Seeing novelty and beauty in
everything, she is compelled to transform the stories of construction,
architecture, street photography and landscapes into photographic images.
After completing a Bachelors Degree at the University of Utah she opened
a studio that she has operated for several decades. The passion she feels
about her local community and art inspired her to co-found and manage
the Sugar House Art Walk in 2011, which continues today. Her appreciation
for history has inspired her to document the historical business area around
her studio and she is currently collaborating on a timeline style
photographic book.
Laurie’s photographic art decorates many offices, condos and businesses
in Salt Lake City. Her largest exhibit is 8ft x 8ft and hangs on a mixed use
building in the city.

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