January Highlight, Eve Jackson – Artist

We met Ms. Eve Jackson in 2016. A self described master weaver, creator of beauty, seer, poet, mother and mystic. When we first met Eve we immediately fell in love with her egoless approach to her art. She comes from a pure creative space. When the “walker and path become one”. She pushes “boundaries that are invisible to the eye. Forces that are right by my side. The shadow, the light. the power of self sovereignty and give life”.

The single mother of a beautiful daughter. A woman who is not afraid to explore the discomfort of independence and self reliance. An artist sans strategy, but willing to explore her own levels of comfort and discomfort. A female entrepreneur willing to stake the norm to be fully self expressed.

A woman of vision. An artist exploring her talent and potential. A mother doing the best she can. A black woman IMG_2638in a State still exploring levels of comfort for the minority. This is Ms. Jackson. And she’s only just begun.

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