Curious About Our Services?


Fee ranges from 5-10% of the total art budget. Fee and services are negotiable based on project needs.

5% Includes:
Client consultation discussing ideas, budget, and deadline.
Research and initial bids from 3 artists.
Site tour and measurements of space.
Research and additional artist bids.
Reconfiguration of bids from artists based on site tour.
Selecting artist(s) and creating contractual agreement.
Scheduling and attending appointment for artist(s) to see space and consult with project manager.
Supervise time management of initial artist’s sketch for project.
Communicate project deadlines with artist(s).
Finalize contractual agreement between artist(s) and client.

10% Includes:
(All services provided with 5% fee)
Close monitoring of artist’s progress to ensure deadlines are met.
Direct communication with artist(s) to answer questions and concerns.
Direct reporting to project manager with updates on artist’s progress, including photos.
Schedule and attend appointment for project manager to review artist’s progress, in person.
Manage communication with artist(s) should project manager require edits (limited based on artist(s) contract).
Schedule and attend delivery date(s) of artist’s work.
Directly manage hanging of artwork with the assistance of artist(s) and project manager.
Manage artist(s) credit/tags for artwork.
Follow up on artist’s compensation.
Attend and manage artist(s) attending opening night.Soren Edsberg

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