December Highlight – Hope Gallery of Fine Art

Hope Gallery of Fine Art has been my primary client for the last 12 years to the present day. It is a place where I have gained the majority of my art consulting knowledge and skills. A home away from home. A place where I have had the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life. I have the privilege of being the daughter of the owner and proprietor, Soren Edsberg. My father has instilled in me an appreciation for fine art and what it takes to keep a small business alive on Main Street during revitalization projects such as City Creek and the Eccles Theater taking place right next door.

Hope Gallery boasts the largest collection of original Scandinavian works in the U.S. They sell their originals and offer the highest quality reproductions of these masterpieces at an affordable price. One of the many highlights of the collection is a large piece commissioned by Napoleon Bonaparte III. It hung in his home until he passed away. It was then donated to the French embassy in London. And now hangs in downtown, Salt Lake City, UT.

The Hope Collection remains a constant presence in the art world. The historic building (Tracey Loan and Trust Company), owned by Hope Properties since 2007, is a place where locals and visitors come to admire and purchase these masterpieces that can only be seen in galleries and museums outside of the United States. Yet, at times, I am bewildered that a collection of this magnitude continually flies under the radar in the robust and lively art world of Utah.

Mr. Edsberg hopes to leave a legacy of creating a greater appreciation for fine art in the Utah community. He currently succeeds in this by offering the Hope Collection. One of the primary services I provide for my client, is to bring awareness to this collection. I have garnered support for the Hope Collection from many individuals and entities in the community over the years. But the work to bring the much deserved awareness, recognition and lasting legacy, is far from complete. I remain vigilant in my work with this extraordinary gallery.
Hope Gallery, Baumann

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