Our Subjective Client Perspective

Our Subjective Client Perspective

What is a client’s perspective on art? Well, that’s subjective. And it certainly differs from client to client. We think it presents itself as more of a question for our client. We have found that there is one constant, ever present question, in the process of buying art. Can I afford this? This is the second most important question and it is rarely spoken out loud. It’s conveyed in raised concerns, excitement, subtle facial expressions, etc. The first and most important question should always be whether or not the piece speaks to and draws in its potential new owner. For example: I came across this image today in a book titled “The Skagen Painters – In a New Light.” Artist: P.S. Kroyer. Title: Mrs. Soffi Drachmann. The original painting belongs to a private collection. It drew me in immediately.

As an art consultant, one of our duties is to help our client navigate the process of selecting and purchasing art. This often means that we have to put our hubris aside in order to put the client’s needs first. Our focus should be to ask questions and listen. Once the client has honed in on their wants, that’s when we begin to make suggestions. But first – we need to know their budget. We do not want our clients to have buyer’s remorse. This reflects poorly on us. How do we find out what their budget is? We simple ask. Knowing this, eliminates wasted energy and actions.

Affordability concerns is one of the first things I pick up on from my clients. They have preconceived ideas about art. Many clients experience art as being over priced or wonder why something costs as much as it does. And this is why it’s so important that the client is drawn in by the art. That the piece speaks to them. Breaking down the cost and value of a piece of art work is our responsibility and part of the process. However, value is in the eye of the beholder. Let’s help our clients find works that they will always value and treasure. If I were your client, and the above mentioned work came up for sale, the only thing standing between it and I would be my budget and your ability to procure it for me. Our clients never need to justify or explain why a certain piece may speak to them unless they choose to share. Our job is to help them find the art they want for their home and business. IMG_4589That is my subjective point of view.

Next Up! Exploring the biases we have about our clients.

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