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We curate art that not only mirrors your company’s identity, culture, and vision but also ignites innovative thinking and fosters enhanced mental well-being, shaping an inspiring and productive workplace.

Artist: Lee Cohen

Inspiring Minds, Enhancing Spaces

Discover the transformative power of art in the workplace with Mill Art Consulting, your premier source for customized art curation in Salt Lake City.

Explore The World Of Workplace Wellness Through Art

Our mission is to enhance the aesthetic and mental well-being of employees by curating exceptional art collections that breathe life into office spaces.

Client Testimonials


“I have always been impressed with Camilla and her professionalism and her relationship building in the Art community. She is business savvy and works to exceed her customer’s needs. If you are looking for your space to breathe and come to life through art, Mill Art Consulting is the right choice.”

Traci Nelson


Camilla Fowler is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in fine art. She also has impeccable taste and great client instincts. She has helped me select beautiful pieces for my office and home that have literally transformed the space and attracted the attention of clients, colleagues, and friends. She is always respectful, professional, and a great listener. I wholeheartedly recommend Camilla to anyone seeking to enhance their professional or personal environment.

Amy Miller